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There are two parts to 1st Bayview membership fees:


  1. Headquarters charge $240 for the membership year April 2021 to Mar 2022, for admin, member insurance etc. The pro-rata part year format and method of payment are currently being revised.

  2. Local 1st Bayview costs are charged quarterly in advance. These cover camping and boating equipment, hall maintenance, camp subsidies, uniform badges, etc. payable to Bayview scout group preferably by direct deposit: $80 per quarter, first child, $50 per quarter each additional child in a family.

New members:

A one off joining fee of $
50 is added.





Cash Term subs (cash only) payable at the start of each term to your leader:

Joeys $10
Starboard Cubs (Mondays) $20
Port Cubs (Tuesdays) $20
Scouts $20

Venturers $10



Active kids Voucher process:


Apply for vouchers, BEFORE the HQ invoice date https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher (They only work for member fees invoiced after the date you apply). THen they need to be applied to scouts NSW - ask leaders for the exact process as it is undergoing change.


At the time of joining you need to purchase a uniform shirt about $45. Mail order from the scout shop, (specify Joeys, cubs, scouts, Venturers); or sometimes we have stock at the hall for sale.


1st Bayview scarf and woggle are free once-off when you join. Badges earned are also free.

Lost replacements: Scarf + scarf Badge $25, white woggle $5, other badges at cost

  • Joeys and cubs buy Bayview uniform caps from leaders. $15

  • Joey and cub hat/scarf calico carry bag from leaders $5

  • Leaders may have youth uniform shirts in stock to sell or may get you to buy your own shirt https://scoutshop.com.au/ Prices vary for different sizes and polo are cheaper than button up. (EG the large Venturer button up uniform shirts were $45 plus shipping)

  • For our scout section, we get sailor hats in from time to time. Usually from UK military surplus stores $60 including Bayview name band.


Optional Items:

Bayview Sea Scouts Hoodies $50 (For winter)
Bayview Sea Scouts T-Shirts $20 (For summer)

Soft carry bag (for hat+water bottle, etc) $10


For Venturers the BV troop shirts cost $40






New Scout joining process  and existing scouts transferring to Bayview from another group:


Our joey/cub/scout or venturer section leader will guide you through your child joining, but the process in roughly:

1. Verify if the joey/cub/scout/venturersection your child wants to join has a waiting list. (Ask leaders)

2. Once the leader advises you can come along to try out, fill in the on line Y1 scout membership application. www.nsw.scouts.com.au/newyouthmember (In the Scout Group drop down select “1st Bayview Scout Group”). .

3. CareMonkey is used to send permission notes to parents so you will need a CareMonkey account with a profile for each child. You can then install the CareMonkey app on your phone.

Note if your child already has a CareMonkey profile from school or elsewhere then when you fill in your on line Y1 application you use the same child's name and primary carer email address as you already have in CareMonkey.

If your child does not have a CareMonkey profile, go on line and setup a CareMonkey profile for your child. https://www.caremonkey.com/sign-up/  Click on "free account" Think carefully about who's email address to use as the primary carer, and use the same email as the first parent in the Y1 application. Include the portrait photo.


4 Your child then tries out scouts for 4 weeks maximum. No charge and no obligation.

5. When your child decide to continue,
pay current term's  1st Bayview quarterly membership fees (direct deposit). Send copy to your section leader cc treasurer@bayvieewseascouts.com.au

Pay term subs (cash) and buy uniform shirt, (and hat, carry bag if required) (cash or direct deposit). (See section leader for details)


7. Your child will be fully activated and able to attend camps and other events once all above is completed and child's photo appears is in CareMonkey.

An investiture ceremony is held during a weekly Joey/Cub/Scout/Venturer night. Parents are encouraged to attend.


9 The pro-rata HQ member fee and the joining fee will be invoiced by HQ (or 1st Bayview Group)

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