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1st Bayview current fees:


There is a one off initial joining fee of $60 for new members to Scouts NSW.

When you first join we charge $85 for your uniform kit (Shirt, cap for joeys and cubs, 2 badgework books, carry bag)


You buy navy coloured slacks, jeans or shorts yourself. Dark sports shoes and navy or black coloured socks are preferred to complete the uniform. Other badges your child earns along the way are issued free.


When you first get invested we provide initial badges, scarf, and woggle free


If you lose any of the above items we can sell you replacements. (Prices at bottom)


When you move up a section (Joey to cub, or cub to scout, or scout tor venturer) your uniform shirt colour changes. New shirts cost $40 to $50 depending on size and style, and you also need one test work book for that section $15. (The Outdoor Adventure badge work book carries forward with you section to section). We issue a new set of investiture badges free.




Members sign up for half year semesters called Treks. (Trek1 and Trek2)
Scouting includes once a week meeting nights during school terms. (About 20 nights per half year). Then there are weekend camps and day events that may have their own costs for food, travel, and venue/event costs (Eg if we go to minigolf on a scouting night, then the venue charges a fee). Some of the weekend events are during school terms and some in school holidays.


Trek 1 half year cost is $368
Made up of $168 to HQ for insurance and overheads, $160 to 1st Bayview for hall and equipment maintenance, new camp gear and boats and to subsidise some of the events/training/camps, members attend. $40 incidentals money so your section leader can by food and craft materials for normal scouting nights)


If you attend for both halves of a calendar year, then Trek 2 is only $302 because insurance was paid in Trek 1. For new members in Trek 2 the half year fee is $368





Active kids Vouchers can form part of your payments for the Trek invoices.

Saves $100-$200 per year, per child.


.Apply for vouchers. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher
Then when you go on line to pay any membership invoice that is over $100, you can allocate a $100 voucher as part of the payment.


For the balance you can pay in one go, or set up instalments. membership can only be paid with Mastercard or Visa



Lost replacements: Scarf + scarf Badge $25, white woggle $5, other badges at cost, OAS book $15, Section testwork book $15, Joey/Cub cap $15



To save money we sometimes have second hand uniform shirts donated after children finish scouting, prices vary. Ask your leader.



Other optional Items:

Bayview Sea Scouts Hoodies $50 (For winter)
Bayview Sea Scouts T-Shirts $20 (For summer)

For Venturers the "BV" troop camp shirt is $40




New Scout try-out process  and existing scouts transferring to Bayview from another group:


To tryout or join join.bayview@nsw.scouts.com.au

We will guide you through the process, introduce you to the leaders, and tell you when your child will be able to tryout for a couple of weeks

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Last modified: Tuesday, 30. May 2023