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1st Bayview membership fees are invoiced in half year blocks to spread the burden:

6 month fees:

$220 first child
$165 each additional

New members one-off joining fee $40

Invoicing is early March - due before April, and then September - due before October

Term subs: Scouts $10 Cubs $20

Button up or polar uniform shirt - see scout shop website for shirt prices https://scoutshop.com.au/
Scout section uniform includes sailor hats - buy these from us $50







New Scout joining process and pro-rata fees and existing scouts transferring to Bayview from another group:


Our cub/scout or venturer section leader will guide you through your child joining, but here is the process in summary:

1. Verify if the cub, scout, or venturer section your child needs to join has a waiting list.

2 Once our cub/scout or venturer section leader advises you can commence fill in the on line Y1 scout membership application. www.nsw.scouts.com.au/newyouthmember (In the Scout Group drop down select “1st Bayview Scout Group”). Save the PDF and then email it to the section leader before your child's first night .

Care Monkey is used to send permission notes to parents so you will need an account and you can also install the CareMonkey app on your phone.

Note if your child already has a CareMonkey profile from school or elsewhere then in your on line Y1 Scout application you use the same child's name and primary carer email address as you have in CareMonkey.

3. If your child does not have a CareMonkey profile, go on line and setup a CareMonkey medical profile for your child. https://www.caremonkey.com/sign-up/  Click on "free account" Think carefully about who's email address to use as the primary carer, and use the same one as the first parent in the Y1 application. Let your leader know once done.


4 Your child then tries out scouts for 4-6 weeks no charge and no obligation.

5. When they decide to continue, pay term subs and membership fees. New members
only pay pro-rata until our next half yearly billing cycle. (see tables below). If paying initial fees by direct deposit include ref "NEWMEM"

Buy uniform shirt and pay term subs. (See above)


7. Your child will be fully activated and able to attend camps and other events once the child's photo is in CareMonkey.

An investiture ceremony is held during a weekly scout/cub/venturer night. Parents are encouraged to attend.

 1st Child Fee including the $40 joining *

Date of registering in
1st Bayview

New Member Fee to end of Mar 19

01/4/19 to


1/7/19 to


Additional child in same family including the $40 joining, each:

Date of registering in
1st Bayview

New Member Fee to end of Mar 19

01/4/19 to


1/7/19 to


Uniform shirt, scout section sailor hat, and term subs are additional, see above

* First child of our leaders are discounted to second-child rate (once leaders has completed training).



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